Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar Panel Cleaning

If you're like most people, you don't think about solar panel cleaning until it's too late. Unfortunately, when panels get dirty, their efficiency drops significantly. That's where Fresno Solar Cleaning and Pressure Washing comes in!

We offer affordable solar panel cleaning services that will increase the efficiency and life of your system by up to 50%. Our veteran-owned and operated small business takes pride in serving our community, and we guarantee impeccable results.

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What Can Cause a Dirty Solar Panel

  • Dust: Depending on your location, panels can accumulate a lot of dust. This is especially true if you live in a dry or desert climate.

  • Dirt: Just like any other surface, solar panels can get dirty from things like rain, leaves, and bird droppings.

  • Pollen: If you have trees or plants near your solar panels, they can deposit pollen on the surface.

  • Bird Droppings: Not only are bird droppings unsightly, but they can also be acidic and damage your panels.

  • Insects: While most insects won't cause any damage, some can leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and dust.

  • Tree Sap: If you have trees near your solar panels, they can drip sap onto the surface. This can be difficult to remove and can attract dirt and dust.

  • Snow and Ice Buildup: In some cases, snow and ice can form a barrier that prevents the sun from reaching the solar panels. This can cause the panels to overheat and become damaged.

Solar Panel Cleaning Is Crucial

Solar panel cleaning is crucial for two main reasons:

  1. To Increase the Efficiency of Your Solar Panels: When panels are covered in dirt, dust, pollen, or bird droppings, they can lose their ability to generate power. A professional solar panel cleaning can restore that lost power, and sometimes even increase the efficiency of your system by up to 50%.

  2. To Extend the Life of Your Solar Panels: Just like any other piece of equipment, solar panels need to be properly maintained to function at their best. By regularly cleaning your panels, you can help them last up to 25% longer than if they were left uncleaned.

Why You Can Trust Fresno Solar Cleaning and Power Washing, LLC

Client satisfaction is our main priority. We are a locally-owned and operated small business, so we know the importance of hard work and dedication. If there is one thing we can promise, it's that we will never leave a job until you're completely satisfied. We also use the latest solar panel cleaning technology to ensure that your panels are cleaned safely and effectively. Our gentle cleaning method won't damage your panels, and it will remove all of the dirt, dust, pollen, and bird droppings that can reduce their efficiency.

If you're ready to improve the efficiency of your solar panels, contact Fresno Solar Cleaning and Pressure Washing today! We offer consultations and serve Fresno County, Madera County, Mariposa County, and Kings County. We look forward to serving you!

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